Ridgeco Developments Ltd., prides itself on staying on top of the pursuit to deliver energy efficient homes and foundations. One step we have taken in doing this, is through Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). ICFs create homes and foundations that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. Whether you live a cold climate or warm climate, whether you are building a large or small home, whether you are constructing your entire home or just the foundation out of ICFs, your goals for today and in the future should be comfort, cost effectiveness and Energy Efficiency. ICFs are a simple and cost effective way to meet the new Building Code insulation requirement's here in British Columbia without adding labor and material costs. Upgrading to ICFs for the construction of a new home automatically gives the homeowner a high performance, energy efficient home that is extremely comfortable to live in.

When using ICFs for your foundation you receive superior results when compared to conventional concrete forming methods. This foundation resists harmful mold, dust and allergens, along with powerful wind, storm, and fire damage. The concrete core of Insulated Concrete Forms, keeps outside air where it should be, meaning that interior temperatures stay steady throughout the year, reducing heating and cooling costs. Produced from recycled materials, ICF are an environmentally friendly product that are designed to make buildings more energy efficient.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here on the site, or at 250.642.0104, and we will be glad to assist you however we can. For quotes and estimates please contact Frank McKendry directly at


For quotes and estimates, please contact Frank McKendry at 250.642.0104 or